Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet Highly Recommended For Women

Balanced diet highly recommended for women

Food is what is mandatory to provide us the energy we need to work. The need for a perfect balanced diet arises when the routine becomes tough or the workload increases. For every normal person with even a little work in his life a balanced diet is important since without it the body will suffer physically and causes such problems that become difficult to solve. To go for prevention of these problems a balanced diet is mandatory. The next question that arises is what is diet and how its benefit for women? In here we will talk about how can a diet be balanced and what needs to be the part of the normal food intake that makes it a proper diet.

The normal diet plan is one which is available everywhere but what about women? Does the body of a woman needs the same nutrients as that of a man? Or there is a difference between the nutritional requirements? Since the type of work women do is different therefore the amount of nutrients they require is different too. Let’s now dive into the specifics of the balanced diet of a woman.

Amount of energy needed

If we talk briefly of the energy in kilocalories then a women needs to take 2000 kcal energy per day. This is the minimum energy required but the type of work can make this more or less. Since an office worker would be fine with this much energy but a runner would definitely require more to get through the day without going down. To break up the energy chart the proteins required are 50 grams. For proteins you need to target meat, poultry, fish and pulses. The suggested portion size of protein a woman should consume is just same as the palm of your hand. Next comes the carbohydrates, for carbohydrates the amount is fixed at 260 g normally. It is to be known that these are the values for a normal woman’s diet. Any woman who is working more than the normal should add a little as needed. The portion size that would seem reasonable to you would be equal to your clenched fist. The carbohydrates include cereal, rice, pasta and potato.

The requirement of fats is 70 g. This is a little tricky one. If you consume less fats you will notice immense weakness in your body but if you go even a little beyond your balanced diet needs you will find accumulation of fat on your body and your cholesterol level may increase suddenly if you are not habitual of exercise. The amount of saturates needed is 20 g with 6 g of salt. The portion size for cheese which is the most loved ingredient among women is 2 of your thumbs. Yes the taste makes you want to eat more than that, way more than that but if you do for the sake of taste you might have to regret it later. Nuts and seeds are not even considered as food when you decide to eat them. It’s not until you have eaten a lot your mind prompts you on your behavior. The portion size of nuts and seeds suitable for your body is the size of 1 of your cupped hands. These portion size are given with respect to your hands size so that they relate to you in a better way.

Cravings and sweet nothings

Butter and spreads are something that a woman takes whenever she can’t find anything else to eat. Spread on bread is their comfort food. Although it seems as though it won’t imbalance you diet, it actually does. These things can’t be taken more than thrice a day, thrice itself being more than the average allowance. The portion size calculated is equal to the tip thumb of your hand. If you go beyond that there is a chance of it causing higher cholesterol since butter is purely fats. Another of women’s favorite is the savories includingpopcorn and crisps. These are the snacks which are taken for granted in the diet and their quantity is never measured nor taken into any consideration. While it is the most difficult item to control it should not be taken more than 2 of your cupped hands. Any more than this will add to the junk food quantity. Last but not the least, the baked items including the brownies and all that sweet stuff should be taken no more than two of your fingers. This is the item that can cause the most imbalance and thus should be dealt with more attention.

Now that the portion sizes have been given according to your body you can follow these for a healthy lifestyle with little or no health issues. The health of a woman is really important since if she goes down an entire household is affected thus it is important that you take care of yourself since your health is the priority.

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