Key nutrients needed by a woman

Key nutrients needed by a woman [2019 Update]

Key nutrients needed by a woman

What is energy and how its attained:

Energy is simply the ability to do work. To attain energy we need to eat well so that the food gets digested and we can have the energy we need to work from the respiration that takes place within our body. Not every food will provide you energy that is the demand of body. Some foods will only provide you with good taste while the overall energy chart will remain where it was before the consumption. To get the nutrients you need you will have to know what foods contain which nutrient and also which nutrient you need in your diet most. A calcium deficient woman would target more calcium-rich foods since she is already lacking in it. Here is a guide as to which nutrients are needed by women, how its benefit for women and still not taken in the right quantity.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is important for the fact that it is needed to absorb calcium consumed. Abundant amount of Vitamin D3 will help reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer and flu. The number one source of Vitamin D3 is exposure to sunlight. Our body is designed to produce Vitamin D3 in the presence of sunlight. Thus women who go out of their homes and let them be exposed to enough sunlight won’t need any supplements or even eating the foods containing Vitamin D3. The best source of Vitamin D3 in animal foods is the liver. For other sources of Vitamin D3 you can have milk and other dairy products. If all this doesn’t work for you, you can always take supplements in the form of oral medicine or intravenous.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is not very known among women for the part it plays. It works as an antioxidant and it is useful for protecting cell from damage. It plays an important part in balancing of cholesterol, repairing skin damage, thickening of hair, balancing hormones, improving vision and most importantly it can help with the PMS. The sources for Vitamin E includes seeds, broccoli and nuts. Vitamin E gets lost from the food if the food is cooked more just like Vitamin B and D. It is thus advised to eat seeds, fruits, nuts and vegetables raw. For animal foods least cooking should be done.

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is important for the proper functioning of heart and brain and for health of the bones. It also makes the oral health better. It is also useful to reduce the risk of cancer and can be helpful in the long run. The sources of Vitamin K2 includes egg yolks, hard cheese, and grass-fed butter.

Folate (Folic Acid)

It is important in the body to prevent cancer since it produces and maintains new cells and by that the chances of cancer are reduced. It is an integral part of a woman’s diet especially when she is pregnant or in child bearing age since folic acid is essential for the development of the baby and incase of its absence severe birth defects have been observed. For this mostly supplements are suggested but for the natural resources of folate you can have chickpeas, hummus, lentils, avocado and kale. These are rich in MTHF folate.

Vitamin B12

The uses of B12 are many. This vitamin is the most widely known among women since it helps in maintaining energy level and boosts the mood which is really important for women. It is also known to aid in digestion. It maintains your heart and keeps it healthy, also it is needed to maintain the health of your hair and skin. You can get B12 from Nori seaweed and cereals that are fortified. Although these can work in long term but the best absorption of B12 happens when it is taken as supplements or in the form of shots.


Magnesium is very important in women since it regulates blood pressure, muscle and nerve functions, and blood sugar levels. For women it is an important nutrient while pregnancy since it helps develop the fetus. The sources of magnesium includes cashews, brown rice, chickpeas, avocados and hummus.


Iron is the most emphasized mineral yet the deficiency of this is the most too. The disease related to the deficiency of iron is anemia and it is found in more than 70% of the women. The reason behind is since iron is being lost in the monthly cycles faster than it is being retrieved a deficit occurs and paleness of the skin indicates it. It is important for brain functioning and for the functioning of the entire body since deficiency of iron will cause the oxygen channel to be slow and once that happens the overall performance of the body will slow down. The best source for iron are the apples, dates, spinach and all green leafy vegetables.

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