Protein In The Life Of Women

Protein In The Life Of Women [2019 Update]

Protein in the life of women

Protein is a key part of the nutrients that a body needs in order to sustain. A woman is one who craves for sugary stuff. She will go to lengths to get her hands on brownies, donuts and stuff that counts as purely junk food. When she chooses this path there is a high chance of reducing the intake of proteins to minimum. The fats in the diet will also decrease if more of the other stuff is taken. Both fats and proteins are essential for everybody but especially for females. Protein is important for the repair of tissues and growth of tissues. To know more about how its benefit for women let’s dive into the importance of protein.

Importance of Protein

Protein is made from amino acids. There are 22 naturally occurring amino acids out of which 9 are important for the body. These are the amino acids that are not produced by the body itself. The manufacture doesn’t occur in the body and special foods which are rich in the particular type of amino acids. The protein which is found in the diet is the main building block of the muscles. It is also an importantmaterialto provide the hormones and neurotransmitters with the components needed. For women who are habitual of doing gym workouts the need of protein increases. In performing the workouts the muscles of your body break down and wear and tear is a big possibility. For the muscles to be built up again you need to work on that outside the gym that is you need to take the particular amino acids that will be capable to grow back the torn muscle and this will help it to grow back stronger than it previously was.

Protein is one of the substances that take longer to digest but there is an advantage that comes with this property of the protein. The longer it takes to digest the longer it will take to break down thus ensuring that you don’t get hungry too often. This way women can keep count of their calories and make sure their diet doesn’t go beyond what their body needs and more fat is not accumulated.

Way to lose some weight

For a nutrient to be absorbed the body needs some calories to absorb it and process it. This is known as the thermic effect of food (TEF). This is an important information for women who are always looking in search of a way to reduce their weight by burning the calories. Protein is the nutrient which has the highest TEF rating that is 20-35%. This means that the energy that is derived from protein is consumed while processing it and absorbing it. In simple words out of every 100 calories that could be absorbed by protein 25-30 calories are used up in the process of its digestion and absorption. This will be useful for the women who wish to see greater decrease in the fat content of their body since more calories are required by protein than required by carbohydrates or fats.

Defense mechanism

The body always looks out for itself. In the case where a strict diet plan is being followed by a female where she limits her carbohydrates and fats resources the body will try to get its energy from the protein part of your food. This will make the protein less available for its actual purpose that is for the repair and making of tissues and this will mean that insufficient amino acids are present. In this case the body will start breaking down the amino acids already stored in the body in the muscles which is a good news for women who are looking to reduce the muscle accumulation in their bodies.

Apart from the repair and growth another important function that the protein serves is that of the immune boosting. If the whey protein powder is taken in your diet it will do wonders and you will be truly amazed. This whey powder can boost your immune system. The main component in this is the glutathione which has a tripeptide bond and this helps to strengthen the immune system.

These are not the reasons why you should stay away rather these are the reasons why women normally stay away from proteins. This is mainly because of the myths. How much protein in an egg? This question makes the women think and they choose to not eat it. The number one reason is the myths that are associated with protein. One myth says that eating protein can make you look bulky but if you have read till now you would know how it actually reduces the body mass. It is also believed that the more protein content your food will have the harder your kidney will have to work. If you are healthy then that is no problem but a sick kidney will always face issues with more protein intake.

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