proteins for women

Proteins The Most Essential Food For Women

Proteins The Most Essential Food For Women

Proteins are a vital component of human life and a healthy diet. Since we were kids our mothers and teachers have been telling us how important proteins for us to become strong and healthy are. But there has always been a debate about the name of protein and how was it derived. Most of us know that proteins are derived from the word “protos” which means “first position or rank”, and this tell us how important it is to our lives.

What are the proteins made of?

Proteins are made up of small units known as amino acids, either it is the proteins you eat or the proteins your body makes. Amino acids are also known as “building blocks” because these small units assemble together and build proteins. Just like alphabets are strung together to make a word similarly different amino acids strung together in different sequences and lengths to make different kinds of proteins. The sequence of amino acids gives the proteins their meanings. The final structure created determines the type of protein and its activity.

Types of proteins you eat

Many of us have this misconception that proteins are all same in every food product. But that is not true. The sequence of amino acid in glass of milk does not match with the egg white. We should keep this in mind that different proteins are made up of different sequence of amino acids. For example

  • Avidin and ovalbumin are present in eggs
  • Legumins in beans
  • Myosin and Collagen in meat, fish and poultry
  • Casein in Dairy products

Once the amino acids are absorbed and digested are used up as building blocks in your body.

Proteins made by the body

As we take proteins and they travel through the digestive tract, the proteins are broken and amino acids get absorbed into the blood stream. These amino acids are then used to make different types of proteins in the body. Each of this protein has its unique structure and arrangement of amino acid. With the help of enzymes and hormones present in the body these amino acids can prepare essential proteins that are required. Proteins support you immunity system, helps in providing structure to different parts of the body like nail, hair, muscles etc.

Once the amino acids enter the blood stream it is hard to tell the source through which they are received. All the amino acids end up in the pool and they are tapped as needed. To make sure your body gets steady supply of amino an adequate amount of proteins must be consumed daily.

According to a study that was mentioned in “International Journal of Eating Disorders” women crave more for sugary food than males. This makes the diet of women to have fewer proteins. Consuming fewer proteins can cause issues for women specially the working women and the ones going to gym. While the body requires healthy fats and carbs for energy, proteins provide support for the growth and repair of body tissues. If you are going to gym and having these tough exercises then proteins is all you need.

Proteins a necessity for women

There are many reasons to add proteins in your diet. Out of 20 amino acids 9 are very essential for your body, because these 9 can’t be manufactured by the body itself. The only way to get them is to have good and healthy food. Proteins are not only building blocks for muscles but also they are essential for many hormones and neurotransmitters.

Helpful for stabilizing appetite and energy levels

If you are feeling low and not efficient enough then you are probably not getting enough protein in your diet. Proteins take more time to digest as compared to carbohydrates. The slower the digestion will the less you will feel hungry. This will make your balanced calorie intake easy for you thus will help in maintaining your body weight.

Helps in burning calorie

The highest thermic food effect is available in proteins. It is the amount of calories required to utilize and process a nutrient for your body. This means almost 30 percent of energy by proteins is consumed to digest the proteins you have taken in. 30 percent of energy you get from 100 percent calories is used to digest these calories. Thus body needs more energy to digest proteins rather than carbs and fats. That is why people consuming more proteins in a day lose weight faster than others.

Helps in preventing muscle loss

When you stop taking bad calories and take more proteins in, then it is a greater chance your body start absorbing proteins in sufficient amount for energy. Insufficient protein will lower the amino acids in your blood stream and the body start breaking down the muscles and tissues for proteins. Thus this will result in muscle, so take more proteins and save you from muscle loss.

Boost your immunity system

You can get glutathione and tripeptide from whey. These proteins help in boosting the immunity system for your body. The more strong you immunity system is the better you perform at your home, office and rest of the tasks.

Amount of Proteins women require daily

What is the amount of proteins women require in a day? Different people give different suggestions when comes to this amount. According to Centre of Disease Control and Prevention the standard amount for women to consume proteins is 46 Gms a day at least. Keeping this is mind that this amount is for average individual. But this amount increases if you are exercising daily or are on a diet and not taking in carbohydrates or fats.

You need to plan your proteins intake carefully if you are exercising and dieting or both at a time. The less you intake other food the more you need to take proteins so that your body gets enough energy for your daily life. Women need to take more care for their proteins intake working women need more proteins because of handling different takes throughout the day. For effective lifestyle proteins are needed much more than any other food.

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