Boost Your Energy

Simple Ways to Boost Your Energy [2019 Update]

Simple Ways to boost your energy

If you are among the women that ask how much calories in egg before actually eating it then you strive for better performance and to get the most energy while consuming the least number of calories. It is the dream of every woman to maintain a classy figure so that she can carry any look she wants at any time she has to. But to be able to do that you must have the energy for that. The nutrients are many and you can take any as much as you want to but to know how its benefit for women you need to dig a little deeper. For the betterment of your health and for you to have a higher energy level you must follow the tips that are about to be discussed and you will notice a drastic change in your lifestyle. These will be helpful in boosting your energy.


The purpose of a balanced diet is to have enough nutrients so that the minerals and vitamins are in abundant quantity. One of the important minerals is magnesium. In case of the deficiency of magnesium women are known to have higher heart rates and thus will require more oxygen or higher breathing to do even the smallest of physical tasks. The recommended daily dosage of Magnesium your body needs is around 300 milligrams. To make sure that the amount of the mineral is provided to your body you must add almonds, hazelnuts and cashews to your normal diet. You can also increase the intake of whole grains and start eating more fish, especially halibut.


Another important part of a healthy energy filled life is the walking activity. It is not only the food that can give us energy but also the physical activity. The wrong concept that prevails in our society is that the more physical work you will do the exhausted you will become. That might be true for the time being but in the longer run the physical activity will increase your stamina and your energy level will become higher. With research it has been found that not only a 10-minute walk can boost the energy in your body it can also put you in better health for at least the next two hours where you feel refreshed and ready to do more work that needs to be done.

Power Nap

Sleep is what calms the mind and recharges the body. Sleeping is an important part of the day and without enough sleep nobody can perform or function well enough. You don’t need to sleep for 7-8 hours straight. It has been noticed, with research, that humans are known to work better after they have taken power naps of shorter periods of time rather than sleeping for a long night. A 60 minute power nap can help you retain the memory that was distorted before. Also it refreshes your mind so that it can store a lot more information than it could do before the nap has been taken.

No skipping Breakfast

While women are keen to maintain a perfect body shape they go for dieting and in this process they start skipping their meals. It is said to eat your breakfast like a prince and the dinner like a beggar. The reason behind is that the breakfast is the first meal of the day and if taken in the right quantity with all the right nutrients a person can have an energy filled day. If you skip this meal the entire day will be lazy. Even apart from breakfast no other meal is to be missed since all the meals hold equal importance or an importance in its own to say the least. Since missing any meal of the day will cause you to experience fatigue you should pay special attention to the matter and take portions of meal in the desired time.


Water doesn’t actually provide you with any energy packets or calories but the need of water can never be emphasized in words. Water is the most essential part of the day. Your body is made 70-90% of water and it constantly requires more. In case of water shortage a condition of dehydration occurs which will lead to you being lazy enough to not move the shortest of the muscles. The water intake must be increased while the alcohol needs to be cut off.


If performing the normal routines don’t work out for you it becomes important that you get your thyroid test as to whether the thyroid is functioning properly or not and also a CBC (Complete Blood count) test. Any issues with your body can be seen through these tests and if there is anything wrong you must address to it immediately since nothing is more important than a good health.

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