Sugar Uses and Consumption in Women

Sugar Uses and Consumption in Women [2019 Update]

Sugar uses and consumption in women

Sugar is another of the nutrients which is very important for the female body. It is also the part of the diet which women enjoy getting from the food. Since sugar can be obtained from brownies, donuts and even from the candies they consume it is their favorite. Although sugars have its own importance in the life of a women the amount of sugar taken per day should be limited since a higher intake can cause diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes. With researches it has been deduced that the risk of heart diseases have been always more for the people who have consumed more sugars. This research is irrespective of sex, age and every other parameter. The case is more severe for people who have had 17-21 % of calories from the sugary part of their diet had a 38 % higher risk of attaining heart disease. In this article we will talk about the uses of sugar and how its benefit for women?

Uses of Sugars

Although the risks to the life of a person are many incase of high intake of sugar rich foods but it is also true that the body cannot function properly without it. The first thing that needs to be understood is that the naturally occurring sugars cause the body no side effects. It is the sugar we get from foods where added sugars are used we are exposed to the threats of heart diseases and diabetes mellitus. It is important that there is a balance in the intake of both types of sugar so that you won’t have to compromise onto your health.

The first use that the sugar provides is that of the immediate energy. Sucrose is the type of sugars which is used mainly and consumed greater than any other type of sugar. It is composed of the smaller blocks namely glucose and fructose. The body is habitual of absorbing glucose and processing it to get energy. Another issue with our body is that it cannot process or work on the disaccharides such as sucrose directly. It needs to break down the compound and when it is in the simpler form such as glucose it then processes the food to get energy. The body is programmed to break the bond between fructose and glucose in the small intestine by the activity of the enzyme named as sucrose. The body then works on the finished products since those are monosaccharides. These both are sent to the liver and that’s where the processing and delivery to the other parts takes place. To maintain the right level of sugar in the body a hormone called insulin is released in the blood. This regulates the distribution for the process of respiration. The glucose is then transported to the red blood cells of the body from there they get to each of the desired body parts.


Glucose is the most efficient nutrient when it comes to storage. After the distribution of the glucose from the liver the excess of the glucose is sometimes converted to protein or fats as per the need of the body but in the case there is no such need the excess glucose is converted into glycogen and stored in the liver. The process involved in doing so is known as glycogenesis and this glycogen is made by joining hundreds of thousands of chains of glucose to give one larger chain of glycogen. This stored fuel can be used as soon as there is even the slightest of deficiency in the body. The glycogen breaks down into smaller blocks of glucose in the liver and then these blocks are transported to the different parts of the body. This helps from preventing the high or low blood sugar levels.

The main issue that is associated with the sugars is the part of the sugars that is a little dangerous for the body. This is the type of food which is rich in simple carbohydrates. The simple sugars that contains the table sugar and those found in honey and natural fruits can be metabolized really quickly and these cause the irregularities in your blood sugar level. It is important to maintain that level to have a healthy life. The complex sugars take longer to digest and since they take longer to digest they affect the sugar level at a slower rate and provides more stability to it. Questions like ‘how much sugar in strawberries’ is better answered with the type of sugars it contains rather than the amount since the type matters a lot more than the amount of sugar present. The complex carbohydrates is preferable since it along with the normal sugar content provides the body with the vitamins and minerals it needs. If you keep track of the amount and type of the sugar you are taking all will be good.

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